My Chuck Berry Tribute

Un hommage à l’immense artiste que fut Chuck Berry et à l’influence qu’il a eu sur la musique dans son ensemble autant pour le Blues que pour le Rock. / A tribute to the great artist that was Chuck Berry and the influence he had on music as a whole for both Blues and Rock.





Corporation Long Stay

2018 – Corporation Long Stay

Here is an album that both bears its name while transgressing styles and musical rhythms. Like his previous electronic experimental EP, Mikka Grytviken weaves here with his Power Trio landscapes where styles meet, collide, confront each other and finally merge. The Brazilian and Caribbean rhythms are illuminated sometimes by a blues-rock electric guitar and sometimes by an acoustic guitar with a gypsy jazz perfume. We meet country guitars on Creole mazurka rhythms and other times psychedelic rock guitars with jazz fusion phrasing mixing with funky and soul feeling. The Blues is here unraveled and debunked to be revisited sometimes in fourteen bars on a drumming drums with bass shuffle and guitar with New Orleans accents and sometimes on a binary ballad in an unusual verse chorus structure. The Pop music is not outdone which is tortured by harmonies and arrangements borrowed from Jazz which is discreetly omnipresent all along the album. English, Creole and French lyrics full of poetry tell us often sensual sometimes ironic stories carried by a voice with an amazing tessitura and tone. Corporation Long Stay is not only a musical trip but also a great earthquake that reorganizes a map of the world whose boundaries become intentionally unreadable for the purpose of reconciliation through stylistic intermingling.




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EP Patchwork

Nouvel EP Patchwork / New EP Patchwork

EP expérimental intitulé Patchwork de style Electro, sortie officiel sur Bandcamp le Samedi 24 Juillet 2017, composé et enregistré avec mon ami Nicolas Marcellin. / Experimental Electro EP entitled Patchwork, official release on Bandcamp Saturday July 24th, composed and recorded with my friend Nicolas Marcellin.

La Jacket est une réalisation de Maëlle Guillemet. / The Jacket is a realization of Maëlle Guillemet.

Une petite animation de Rachel Guérineau pour accompagner le titre phare de cet EP. / A small animation of Rachel Guérineau accompanies the flagship song of this EP.